Communication was flowing with ease

I was introduced to Berry Creative Communications by my daughter who had just had
her website completed and I was impressed.

My initial contact with Michaela was by text. Her response was informative and the
company’s client profile looked amazingly fresh so instantly I could see the potential for
the development of my own website. After choosing the package I required, Michaela
and I spoke in detail regarding the kind of business I was about to venture into, however
it was more than just the business Michaela saw my personality and when Michaela
sent me the link to view the first stages of the development of my website it felt like an
extension of myself and I was able to visualize the final outcome for the website.

We got to work and the communication was flowing with ease. Her patience, well what
can I say was outstanding, and her focus on my project was second to none even the e-
commerce advice for what was required for my website was phenomenal. One thing I
must say I am not a hi-tech wizkid and I will admit I was in the wilderness for a second
when the website was finally completed on time for the launch of my business. The
excitement lasted for a little while, at least until I realised that I had to keep the website
updated and I was not at all confident about maintaining the back-end of the site. I
called Michaela regarding my concerns and I was given a tutorial and now I am able to
confidently manage my website on my own. How wonderful is that?

“Thank you Michaela and I give much appreciation for the creation of Berry Creative
Communications, continue working in service, marvellous job, well done! .. x.”